A Storm Is Gathering

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Joe Scarborough: 'A Storm Is Gathering' Because of Trump

Today I get to connect to the field, to you, to good and happy things!! Things that will make me bitch out of loving frustration of wanting to understand I wasn't going to write anything until tomorrow, when I had some readings under my belt of new understandings, but seems my team wants to talk once again about choices.

Of course, that comes as I ponder my daughter. For those not on my facebook, my daughter has been sentenced to one year, three months the midway point between when her attorney was asking for 11 months and the prosecutor 1 year 7 months. Once out, she will be on a 10 year probation. She will get credit for the 2 months and a week she had already served last year.

She has currently jumped back into the river of DeNial, deep and hard. Of course, she equally jumped back into her pills and addiction and no doubt, stealing again.

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As I sat here, getting my feet back in my life and my flow, I pondered my daughters reality and I hear my team say, the storm is here. There are two very intense currents of life taking place and two very different outcomes of these storms.

A Storm is gathering.

We can even look at it as the upper atmosphere, the place where all energies gather and the lower atmosphere, where the energies let loose upon the earth. We all live in one or the other of these atmospheric places. Let's call the new earth and those who own their life, take full responsibility for who they are and where they are, the upper atmosphere. Meaning we are the ones creating this energy, this storm that is still coming together. Then there is the lower atmosphere, the place we can call soap-bubble land, dense duality filled with separation and blame.

South Africa: A Perfect Storm Is Gathering - South Africa's Perpetual Water Crisis

The house of cards. With that thought in mind, these coming months is going to be for some, miracles are coming out of the woodwork and for others, the bottom keeps dropping out. Both are perfect for the energies involved. Once again tho, those of us living and creating the upper atmosphere of energy, we have full responsibility to assist those where the bottom of their lives have dropped out.

To assist in whatever way we can, help build a new strong and solid foundation in their lives from the place of love and responsibility. Think about that word for a minute: response-ability.

The first and biggest one, however, is this - over the course of the next 24 hours, we are doing a massive Read More The Allstar Meeting came closer and closer, and a storm was gathering from all directions in the Darchu Dynasty. The cultivators from countless sects and clans of the northern barbaric lands, southern territory, eastern sea, and central plains; and various independent cultivators hurried towards Silken City in unison.

Some small clans and powers were fated to have no chance to participate in this grand event. After all, Silken City was situated at the center of the central plains. Not to mention that it was far away, the path towards it was filled with a variety of dangers, and those with weak strength would probably be buried amidst the various dangers before arriving at Silken City.

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  7. For example, by assaults of beasts, plundering of bandits, and so on and so forth. So all the cultivators who had the strengths to head to Silken City and participate in the Allstar Meeting were from a great power that dominated an area. Moreover, their group surely had an expert leading them.

    As for the independent cultivators that were like wild cranes and floating clouds, if they wanted to witness the Allstar Meeting, then their strength probably had to be at the Golden Core Realm or above, and perhaps only then would they be able to safely arrive at Silken City.

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    Moreover, for the sake of not missing this grand event, many powers had departed a month before. After all, the Allstar Meeting this time was publicly acknowledged as being unprecedentedly grand and rare to see in a thousand years, and it would have countless geniuses participating in it. If they were to miss this grand event, then they would probably regret it for their entire lifetimes. The reason the Allstar Meeting drew the gaze of the entire cultivation world was firstly because this grand event was held by the Imperial Family. If they were able to obtain a rank in the Allstar Meeting, then would be bound to cut a striking figure, become renowned in the world, and win supreme honor.

    Secondly, it was because so long as one obtained the top 10 rankings in the Allstar Meeting, one would be able to enter the Primeval Battlefield and arrive at the sacred place of legend, the place that was closest to the Immortal Dimension — The Dark Reverie! So it could be said that besides competing for rankings, they were also competing for the qualifications to enter the Primeval Battlefield and arrive at the Dark Reverie.

    Whitecrane Sect. A group of peaks that rose higher and higher formed a cross shape. On a spacious peak that was suffused with smoke and mist, groups of red clawed white cranes fluttered about as their clear cries shot into the nine heavens, and it seemed like a paradise on earth. Suddenly, a wave of intense fluctuations in the heavens and the earth blasted out, and they were like the sound the Grand Dao that resounded in the world. Suddenly, a myriad of hazy divine lights appeared in the sky above the spacious peak, and it seemed like auspicious qi that had descended from the heavens to form numerous peculiar scenes that seemed like lotus flowers.

    The scene here instantly alarmed the entire Whitecrane Sect. Could it be that Eldest Senior Sister has emerged from closed door cultivation? At this moment, as soon as she emerged, the wind and clouds surged as a phenomenon of the heavens and the earth appeared suddenly. Her strength has probably increased greatly! Numerous streaks tore through the sky from the various peaks in the Whitecrane Sect as they looked towards Bewitching Dew Peak from afar, and their gazes carried a fervent and astonished expression.

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    On this day and after being in closed door cultivation for three years, the Eldest Disciple of the Whitecrane Sect, the favored genius of the heavens, Qing Xiuyi, who was a reincarnated Heavenly Immortal, had caused auspicious light to descend from the skies and the sound of the Dao to be chanted as she emerged once more into the world! Merak Pavilion. The Merak Pavilion was a sect that practically lived in seclusion and the disciples of the sect very rarely made an appearance in the world, causing them to be mysterious and possess a low profile.

    But no one in the entire cultivation world dared look down upon the strength of the Merak Pavilion. The reason was extremely simple. The current Emperor Chu, the Kings of the four great king estates, and some experts of the Imperial Family that had shut themselves from the outside world had more or less once cultivated in the Merak Pavilion!

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    How shocking the force possessed by the Merak Pavilion was obvious just from this. In a secret chamber within the Merak Pavilion, it was extremely hot as waves of heat surged, and the terrifying high temperature seemed as if it was capable of melting anything. Toggle navigation. Daily Maverick Johannesburg.

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    A Storm Is Gathering
    A Storm Is Gathering
    A Storm Is Gathering
    A Storm Is Gathering
    A Storm Is Gathering
    A Storm Is Gathering
    A Storm Is Gathering
    A Storm Is Gathering
    A Storm Is Gathering

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