A Villains Life

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Here is a list of the usual suspects: People we view as our competition. People who voice a different opinion.

People with an opposing view on an issue. People we cannot control. And in the case a hero is needed, be the hero.

"Elemental Heroes and a villain" Ep:1 The meet --Gay series--

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Life of a Villain

The ones who get our blood boiling, our teeth gritting and turn our sunny days grey. If our paths never would have crossed, my life would have been so better, we believe. They, after all, shook us to the core, looted our self-worth and dented our spirit. The pain and turmoil they caused us cannot be undone. We walk around with invisible handcuffs.

That being said, have you ever read a story in which there was no villain, no tragedy, no chaos? Even in Red Riding Hood, there is a villain guised as grandma gorging down half the village. Cinderella had her evil stepmother and stepsisters taunting her.

Warm-up activity

Superheroes are sent scrambling thanks to supervillain Thanos. The dark forces continuously haunt and torment Harry Porter.

The same applies to our lives. Thanos has wrecked our lives and stolen our power stones. We had no control over his actions. But what will we do after the fact? Gaming's Mega Stars have been out there stomping on goombas, collecting rings and clearing up the messes from resonance cascades for many years now. We have guided each of these heroes to beat the bad guys many times over, but a hero is only as good as their villain. The greatest heroes defined by the quality of their archenemy. Because without them, we wouldn't have the games.

Bowser is the undisputed king of villainy.

What Disney Villains Would Look Like In Real Life (12 Pics) | Bored Panda

He holds the record for being the most ubiquitous videogame villain , starring in different games. Best known for instigating many of the Super Mario games by kidnapping Princess Peach, causing Mario to come to her aid. Though he's also just as likely to be seen driving in Super Mario Kart , returning a serve in Mario Tennis or throwing his weight around in Super Smash Bros. The fact that Mario could be hurling Bowser into lava one day and returning one of his serves the next, can lead us to question their relationship.

Frustrated by being considered only the second-best robotic genius compared to his old school friend Dr.

Here's Väätäinen's take on the evil prince:

Light, Dr. Wily decided to steal and reprogram his creations and turn their function towards world domination. One of Dr.

A Villains Life
A Villains Life
A Villains Life
A Villains Life
A Villains Life
A Villains Life

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