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In Rangers 8 and 9 returned nearly 13, more high resolution photographs of the lunar surface. From authorization and design to finish, the Ranger program had lasted from , revolutionized our knowledge of specific parts of the lunar surface, and put Americans on the path toward a human landing. Even more, the program had laid the foundations for flight operations, including the Deep Space Network, that would prove essential for deep space navigation in later missions to the Moon and planets.

Apollo 11 Was a Voyage of Discovery About Our Solar System — Here's What We Learned

The unmanned Surveyor 3 spacecraft photographed during the Apollo 12 second extravehicular activity EVA-2 on the surface of the Moon, November 20, The television camera and several other pieces were taken from Surveyor III and brought back to Earth for scientific examination. The Soviets were also persistent — with Luna 9 they achieved a lunar landing in February , but only after twelve attempts.

By sending back the first images from the lunar surface, Luna 9 not only returned scientific data, it also proved that a heavy lander would not sink into a heap of moondust. Three months later the first of a series of American Surveyor spacecraft touched down on the Ocean of Storms.

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Five of seven attempts proved successful, and when Surveyor 7 shut down in early , the five successful Surveyors had returned more than 87, images of the lunar surface, gathering data over a combined elapsed time of 17 months. They performed six separate chemical analyses of the lunar surface and near sub-surface, and measured its mechanical and thermal properties.

This historic image is the first view of Earth taken by a spacecraft from the vicinity of the Moon.

This crescent Earth was photographed August 23, at GMT when the spacecraft was on its 16th orbit and just about to pass behind the Moon. Not to be outdone, in September the Soviet Zond 5 spacecraft achieved circumlunar flight, and returned to Earth with two tortoises aboard that survived reentry and were returned to Moscow.

Tortoises, however, did not warrant ticker-tape parades.

By December of that year Apollo 8 was on the way to its circumlunar Christmas Eve rendezvous with the Moon, and the Apollo program was on the way to its rendezvous with destiny. Burrows, William E. Byers, Bruce K. Montgomery, Scott L.

US startup Moon Express approved to make 2017 lunar mission

Siddiqi, Asif. One in a set of twelve stereo cards showing scenes from Offenbach's operetta Le voyage dans la lune , circa — Source. Explore our selection of fine art prints, all custom made to the highest standards, framed or unframed, and shipped to your door.

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A Voyage To The Moon A Voyage To The Moon
A Voyage To The Moon A Voyage To The Moon
A Voyage To The Moon A Voyage To The Moon
A Voyage To The Moon A Voyage To The Moon
A Voyage To The Moon A Voyage To The Moon
A Voyage To The Moon A Voyage To The Moon
A Voyage To The Moon A Voyage To The Moon

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