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At the same time, there are millions of views and comments on the business pages. It … [Read more It is for this reason that mobile pet grooming businesses have gained a lot of popularity over the past few years.

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Stationary pet groomers are embracing the mobile grooming business for its various advantages. A mobile pet grooming business, unlike a shop or salon, makes you more privileged. Mobile pet grooming is convenient for both the business owner and the pet owner. Most pet owners, especially the elderly prefer to have their pets groomed at home.

For example, if you cut a dog while grooming it, or it leaps off your table and breaks its leg, professional liability insurance will be your friend. This very important coverage will pay for the loss of an animal while it is in your care, custody, and control. It covers the pet both while on the business premises and in transit. For example, if a dog in your care clearly has to have a potty break, and chews through its leash while you are walking it, and bolts for the road and is hit by a car and killed, the floater policy would come into play.

If you sell or manufacture products, this type of insurance will protect you in the event that someone is injured as a result of using those products. For example, if someone purchases a pet shampoo from you and their pet has an adverse reaction to the product, this coverage will help cover the cost of veterinary treatment. Mobile groomers and stylists who make house calls incur special risks that need special coverage. In addition to liability insurance, these professionals need specialized auto insurance, said Ron Shearouse, an agent for Shearouse Insurance Group Pembroke Pines, Fla.

Our policy includes coverage for the vehicle, as well as the conversion. Groomers need to make sure that they are not buying insurance for just the van.

Pet Groomer & Boarding Insurance

The expensive conversion needs to be covered as well. We also offer an inland marine policy that will cover tools such as dryers, clippers, and scissors. While most insurance companies sell liability insurance, it is suggested that groomers look into policies designed for our specific business. Working with animals, we have unique risks and needs. Robert Thompson, president of Governor Insurance Vienna, Ohio , which has specialized in the pet industry since , echoes this advice.

Thompson says his company was the first to offer professional liability plans for groomers, as well as the first coverage specifically designed for mobile pet groomers. In fact, the risks presented are quite different. Although both industries involve cutting hair, grooming shops offer up a wealth of risks never encountered in a beauty salon.

How often do human hair stylists get scratched and bitten? How much liability insurance should a groomer purchase? Although all groomers should carry liability insurance, not all insurance carriers will sell a policy to all groomers. We can help reduce our chances of accidents and claims in many ways. One obvious way is to keep our business area clean, neat, and in excellent repair.

It may seem obvious that slippery floors should be wiped up to prevent falls, but take a look around your work space to see if there are potential dangers you have overlooked.

Power cords for tools should not lie in walkways. Flooring should be in good repair and slip resistant. Clutter, trash cans, and any other tripping hazards need to be out of the way of where people walk. Furniture should be free of wobbly legs and sharp edges. Before beginning grooming, the dog groomer talks with the owner to find out the style of cut that the dog is to have.

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The dog groomer also relies on experience to determine how a particular breed of dog is supposed to look. The dog groomer Ferguson, Rest in peace, my good, sweet, black-and-white tabby.

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Orfeh and I miss him a lot. Do you use a groomer , no groomer? I am the groomer. She had to be sedated in order for a groomer to remove the matting.

Dog, Cat, and Bird Groomers

The 7-year-old dog also suffered from inflamed gums and rotten teeth as Paul Ashley Baker, 41, A professional groomer can help with many of these tasks. Information: caninecompany. Canine Company Yes, you can leave the sensitive task of nail clipping to your vet or groomer , but you can do it yourself without most of the stress.

Use specially Willie's children are Jean McBride, 58, a mum-of-two from Strathaven, Lanarkshire, who works as a dog groomer ; Alexandra Crawford, 56, who Anyone, like us, who has sat through a photo shoot with a male celebrity knows the drill: most of them arrive with a hairstylist and a groomer , From the shale fields to the cooling towers, Trib Total Media covers the energy industry in Western Pennsylvania and beyond.

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Bailee, The Animal Groomer Bailee, The Animal Groomer
Bailee, The Animal Groomer Bailee, The Animal Groomer
Bailee, The Animal Groomer Bailee, The Animal Groomer
Bailee, The Animal Groomer Bailee, The Animal Groomer
Bailee, The Animal Groomer Bailee, The Animal Groomer

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