Chartered Territory An Engineer Abroad

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Having embraced so many cultures, do you think writing this book has offered a form of mental travel, a way perhaps of keeping the journey going? It helped me understand that the process was more than a homely writing exercise, it was a measure of how deeply the people, places and cultures encountered had penetrated within; helped me realise that if anything the journey had only just begun. In addition, and more importantly perhaps, the book works on several levels; principally as an inspiration for others who might wish to do similar and, not least of all, because at the end of the day I thought it to be a tale worth telling.

What did you miss most about 'home' when you were away? Obviously family and friends and, certainly in Nigeria, a comfortable and civilised lifestyle which had been willingly squandered. Elsewhere, clearly the Brit within, a good old steak and kidney pie would never have gone amiss and I remember asking my mother, jokingly from Japan, to mail me one for Christmas. When in Hong Kong I would often pack a supply of the Fray Bentos tinned variety in my suitcase, goodness knows what the airport x-ray operators thought, nonetheless, the pies travelled well!

Hilary, my partner, and I have set up home in all manner of places, we have no ties or baggage as such and relish the challenge. For over a decade prior to the handover the whys and wherefores had been debated endlessly, similarly the outcome: untrammelled capitalism or harsh totalitarianism?

In fact, before my arrival five years earlier, daily conversations centred largely on that impending handover of the last British colony to a hard-line Communist regime.

Enamoured by the British, the Hong Kongers were definitely not; the liking of their mainland cousins however, appeared considerably less. Perhaps such trepidations were not unwarranted; with barely hours to go columns of Red China troops were massing, impatiently, at the border.

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The author 4th from left stood in front of the handover flag. Three days later, with the hullabaloo over, everybody returned to work.

Chartered Territory An Engineer Abroad

But then again, unlike Mr Patten, I was spared the somewhat pressing need of a waiting boat to catch. Shortly after taking possession, and at the behest of work colleagues, this symbol of oppressive colonial rule was raised once more; this time in the office as a backdrop to an impromptu, for-old-times-sake photo-call. Not afraid to voice out, clearly a few people appreciated our presence though we stayers-on, it must be said, were equally apprehensive of what the future held. It was amazing how the venue had retained, post-handover, a dominant British aura.

Ben Zabulis has read. Ben Zabulis made a comment on the poll: Member's books. This month lets read our member's books. Write in the book you wrote that you would like us to read, then vote for someone else's book that you would most like to read. In other words don't vote for your own book, but write it in so that other's can vote for it. Oct 17, PM. Any ideas for wha Ruth wrote: "Putting up the poll for the book from an emerging author yesterday made me wonder - what exactly Is an emerging author?

Any ideas for what measurement determines whether they are emerging or have a Aug 03, PM. Ben Zabulis made a comment on the poll: Which short story collection about Sahelian Africa would you most like to read? Click on the description of the book that you like. Dec 22, PM. Dec 19, AM. Ben Zabulis is now following. The Armchair Traveler's Club — members — last activity Jul 25, PM "He had learned the art of storytelling in the Orient, where storytellers are highly regarded.

Indeed, they are magicians and play with the souls of t "He had learned the art of storytelling in the Orient, where storytellers are highly regarded.

PDF Chartered Territory An Engineer Abroad

Indeed, they are magicians and play with the souls of their listeners as a child plays with his ball. Explore a new region every month. In March, August and December we take a break to catch up on other reading. November - Central Europe. Around the World in Books — members — last activity Jun 27, PM This is a book club for people who would like to read a book about a different part of the world each month.

The goal is to see how many countries we This is a book club for people who would like to read a book about a different part of the world each month. The goal is to see how many countries we can "travel" to. The books will primarily be fiction, but may occasionally be non-fiction and can be from current day or historical novels. In case of on-job work experience which is the primary engagement of engineering profession, one CPD point is awarded for hours of work.

Published in , my own journey entitled: 'Chartered Ter… | Flickr

Upper limit of 2 credit points per year has been established for on-job work experience. Registered person is a term distinct from registered engineer RE. In Sri Lanka, the title "engineer" is not regulated. However, as per the Engineering Council Act No 4 of , all engineering practitioners in Sri Lanka needs to be registered with the engineering council to practice. The title is granted after successful application to a national member of the European Federation of National Engineering Associations FEANI , which includes representation from many European countries, including much of the European Union.

It allows a person who has an engineering degree and usually an engineering professional qualification in one of the member countries to use the qualification in others, but this depends on local legislation. The title Eur Ing is " pre-nominal ," i.

Threats to PE Licensure

Another association in Europe is the EurEta. The professional title "Ing. EurEta" is used as a pre-nominal similar to Dr. In Germany academic title Dipl. The degrees Ing. Oberingenieur , supervisor engineer are no longer awarded. The designation "Dipl. To achieve this qualification, it is required to complete a month apprenticeship program, a minimum 2, hour college diploma in engineering or technology, two years of relevant experience and pass the state examination.

Mutual Recognition Agreements | Engineers Canada

A bachelor's honours degree in engineering or engineering technology from an accredited university is also equated to level 6 on EQF. A state-certified engineer is not required to complete a university degree. Before Jan. In the past, this led to wide and controversial discussions between bachelor's and master's degrees engineers and state-certified engineers. Today, this is on the same level as a bachelor's degree. One can continue to study to a master's degree with the SCE qualification. State-certified engineers now assist engineers with only a diploma or master's degree. They are also holding full engineering positions as systems engineers, integration engineers, test engineers, QA engineers, etc.

The following top representatives and agents institutions were involved: federal government Federal Ministry for Education and Research, Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology , standing conference and economic ministerial meeting of countries, the Confederation of German Employers' Associations, German Chambers of Industry and Commerce, German Trade Union Federation and the Federal Institute for Vocational Application. Letters after or before a person's name post-nominal or pre-nominal letters are commonly used to denote the holder of an engineering license in various jurisdictions:.

In Canada it is illegal to practice engineering or use the title "professional engineer" or "engineer", without a license. There are two exceptions— stationary engineer and power engineer. Engineering in Canada is regulated in the public interest by self-governing professional licensing bodies. These bodies were established by Canada's 13 provincial and territorial governments through legislation.


The provincial and territorial governments have delegated their constitutional authority to regulate engineers and engineering in Canada to professional licensing bodies that are maintained and governed by the profession, creating a system of self-regulation. The first law related to professional engineering in Ontario was created in and allowed for the creation of a voluntary association to oversee registration of engineers.

The Act of was "open", meaning that membership in the association was not mandatory for practising engineers. In Ontario, regulation of engineering practice dates to , when the Professional Engineers Act was amended and the engineering profession was "closed" to non-qualified individuals; that is, licensure was made mandatory for anyone practising professional engineering.

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Chartered Territory An Engineer Abroad
Chartered Territory An Engineer Abroad
Chartered Territory An Engineer Abroad
Chartered Territory An Engineer Abroad
Chartered Territory An Engineer Abroad
Chartered Territory An Engineer Abroad
Chartered Territory An Engineer Abroad

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