Is Jesus (Aka: God) a Liberal or Conservative?

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Liberal Christianity vs. Conservative Christianity

Religious laws. Religious news. If you feel comfortable with the topic, we recommend that you read these four essays first:. Overview of salvation within Christianity 2 parts. A more detailed overview about salvation. The diversity of Christian beliefs about salvation. What must one do to be saved, according to:.

The Christian Scriptures New Testament. Jesus -- what did he seem to teach about salvation?

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  2. Liberal Christianity is the Suicide of the Mind.
  3. Lead Right.

Salvation in the early Christian church. Other faith groups' beliefs about salvation. The general U. A personal note by the Webmaster on the death of Prince, and ambiguities in the Bible concerning salvation, and the afterlife. Is salvation permanent, revocable, always attainable? Once saved, is one always saved? Or can a person lose their salvation? Can a person lose their salvation or be prevented from gaining their salvation by committing the "unforgivable sin"?

Salvation for others:. Can non-Christians be saved?

Is Jesus (Aka: God) a Liberal or Conservative?

Agnostics, Buddhists, Can non-Christian theists be saved? About Carlton Pearson, an evangelical pastor , who lost the support of his congregation because of his beliefs, and recovered. Does the Roman Catholic Church believe that non-Catholics can be saved? Other topics:. Diverse Christian beliefs in salvation: Who gets to go to Heaven; who to Hell? Do any make sense? Two essays by Susan Humphreys: I too have a dream! That one's salvation depends on ones acts, not one's beliefs What matters most in life?

What you are or what you do? Scapegoating: punishing the innocent for the sins of the guilty. Emails that we have received about salvation. Is Hell a just and fair punishment? Is it compatible with the attributes of God? What religious groups believe about the afterlife: heaven, hell, purgatory, etc.

What does the Bible say about heaven, hell, purgatory, etc.? If your church teaches evolution — go ahead and feign ignorance about what young earth creationism is — it is not holding to the conservative, biblical position of Genesis 1 — 3. Jesus Christ is did not preach millennialism, neither did his disciples, nor has the Christian church. The idea has been promoted by people who not Biblical scholars.

The Left Behind books are not the Bible. Christ will come only one time — he said so himself and even he does not know the time or hour, only the Father. Frankly, I believe that God created in the earth in 6 days. I am not. Do you?

The Bible’s Contradictions About Sex

Based on what I have seen the church is in a schism of left and right. The two groups will over next 10 years break apart. The conservatives have the leverage right now and will have larger churches and the left will consolidate. There will be folks not served by either movement like myself and this will open opportunities for new expressions of faith. It is sad that the Protestant movement is ending this way but I guess that is reality now. I am just glad we are seeing the end is near now. I am beginning to question what that means now. I hear it a lot but I seen much evil and lack of light now I question whether anyone knows what Jesus wanted from the movement.

Heck I am questioning if Jesus would even recognize himself now!!

Theological Liberalism in America by Ralph Drollinger

Its like we are crucifying Christ all over again. My whole point in responding to you in the first place is to demonstrate that yes, there is generally a sharp contrast between orthodox Christians and liberals who water down biblical doctrine, but what exactly is the most conservative stance on any particular issue may not be clear. As a believer do you have a spring of water coming out of your body?

It sounds to me as though you are a genuine believer. I apologize for a less than irenic tone. As far as I am concerned there are some points on which as believers we need to be dogmatic; eschatology is not one of them, nor is the nature of the Eucharist. My advice: Find a good church and soak up some good teaching. You need time for healing and building a foundation. God bless. John but refuse to believe the words of Jesus Christ himself.

Thus Liberals will deny the miracles of Christ or deny six-day creation or say that women may teach and rule in the Church. I think it is wrong for you to suggest that I am liberal in my stance on the Eucharist. I believe that I am indwelt by the Holy Spirit. I guess I even believe that the Trinity could have ordained things so that the bread and the wine really were the literal body and blood of Christ in some mystical sense.

One Jesus for liberals, another for conservatives

I just honestly do not think that is what our Lord meant. You say you are not a Roman Catholic, and I believe you. I suspect you are a conservative Lutheran of some sort. But now we see in a glass darkly. One day we will meet our Lord, and one of us will learn that he was wrong. I was striving honestly to understand Your Word. Not at all, just been very busy. So, I have elected to never respond to him, and never respond to his responses to me. I am not a Christian but I am an active member of my faith and I pray every morning and evening.

This article comes as no surprise to me, however, it is common knowledge. People need structure, it is a basic human need. Once you start watering down your content, it is almost guaranteed you will lose adherents. The problem with many conservative churches, however, is that there is a real conflict with scientific fact, which over the long term, they can never win. This is born out by the latest Pew poll which shows the rise of the nones. A conservative Church of Jesus could be open to modernity but stalwort to conservative values like the bonds of traditional marriage, avoiding the party lifestyle, being part of an unselfish giving community.

I believe modern Latter-day Saints are accepting of new science and old tradition of Godly values. I agree there is something in brain science and whether you are conservative or progressive. That is a good point. I am not willing to make God the way I want him.


He will make me to suit him. The Kelly thesis has been disproven again and again for reasons that are not as simple as many people would like. Further studies have discussed how conservative churches effectively adopted cultural changes such as advertising and use of tv and pop music, and mall-like churches. At the same time conservative churches have adopted more liberal positions on theological and social issues.

Canadian Presbyterians are not liberal, yet they decline, because they are merely traditional. All churches lose their youth as the world becomes less believing in unbelievable myths.

Is Jesus (Aka: God) a Liberal or Conservative? Is Jesus (Aka: God) a Liberal or Conservative?
Is Jesus (Aka: God) a Liberal or Conservative? Is Jesus (Aka: God) a Liberal or Conservative?
Is Jesus (Aka: God) a Liberal or Conservative? Is Jesus (Aka: God) a Liberal or Conservative?
Is Jesus (Aka: God) a Liberal or Conservative? Is Jesus (Aka: God) a Liberal or Conservative?
Is Jesus (Aka: God) a Liberal or Conservative? Is Jesus (Aka: God) a Liberal or Conservative?

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