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Sometimes the tragedy was an accident: a fake bullet switched for a real one. Other times, a gun was loaded on purpose with the genuine deadly article. The bullet catch has probably been around since the late s. Still, audiences were astonished by magician Chung Ling Soo's version, which he started to perform in Chung Ling Soo never spoke onstage until the day his take on the illusion went wrong.

With a nod to the Boxer Rebellion - a Chinese uprising started in late against foreigners that was ultimately squashed - Chung Ling Soo stood in front of six 'rebels' that fired at him and he would catch the bullets 'and drop them into the plate,' with the authors noting that 'he actually had the bullets in his palm all along. He performed this trick for 12 years so it was old hat on March 23, when he performed at a London theater.

This time, however, when fired at, Chung Ling Soo, dropped and said, 'Oh my God, something's happened! Lower the curtain' in perfect English. Turned out that he really was William Ellsworth Robinson, 56, from Westchester County in New York and, according to the book, he had basically ripped off the act and persona of Ching Ling Foo.

Moliere had paid his theatrical dues in the provinces, written several plays and been to prison twice for his debts. He was, in fact, performing the lead part of what would turn out to be his last play, Le Malade imaginaire, which can be translated as The Imaginary Invalid or The Hypochondriac. The comedic playwright tried to reassure his audience, reportedly saying, 'Don't be alarmed! I am not dead! Moliere, who wrote Tartuffe and The Misanthrope, was not given his sacraments due to his scandalous profession of being actor, according to Britannica. The year before, the couple had finished the run of their incredibly popular show, I Love Lucy.

Once a mainstay of film and radio, even having his own program for a time, in the s and 40s, Einstein's poor health had sidelined him by the late s, according to a new book, The Show Won't Go On. The roast was to be his 'comeback,' according to Art Linkletter, a TV host who was the masters of ceremonies.

But after getting back to his seat, Einstein 'suddenly he put his head over on Milton Berle's lap and shut his eyes and apparently slumped down,' Linkletter recalled, according to the book.

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Einstein's wife, Thelma Leeds, tried to get a nitroglycerin pill into his mouth but to no avail, and he was taken backstage. Einstein died at aged According to the book, Desi Arnaz said: 'This is one of the moments Lucy and I have waited a lifetime for, but it's meaningless. They say the show must go on. But why must it?

Let's close the show now by praying for this wonderful man backstage who made a world laugh. One of Einstein's son, Bob, who was on Curb Your Enthusiasm, told the authors that he took no comfort in the fact his father died doing what he loved. Einstein is also the father of actor Albert Brooks.

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For decades, he was a fixture on British television. With his signature red fez, the six-foot-four Tommy Cooper was known for his jokes, his catchphrase 'Just like that! On April 15, , Cooper, 63, was performing his act on the variety TV show, Live from Her Majesty's, broadcast, of course, live from a London theater. By that point, 'decades of drink and cigars had most definitely caught up with him,' the authors wrote.

Cooper was onstage and keeping the audience in stitches when his assistant came out with an essential piece of clothing, his 'magic cloak,' for a routine of the same name. She wrapped the cloak around his shoulders, and a few moments later, 'he fell' and 'sort of slumped backwards,' Sandie Lawrence recalled in the documentary, The Untold Tommy Cooper. After he fell, Cooper was 'grasping for breath,' according to the book, and while Lawrence knew something wasn't right, the audience kept laughing. Cooper was known for introducing new tricks without warning, and after a long pause the director realized something was wrong and cut to a commercial break, according to the book.

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The crew managed to pull Cooper backstage, and got him medical attention. It is unclear when he died - onstage, backstage or on the way to the hospital, according to the book. In an instance of the show must go on, other acts and performers, including Donny Osmond, went on and the live broadcast continued. Millions witnessed his death that night, with the authors noting that the video is posted online and has been viewed millions of time.

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He was the talented guitarist of the heavy metal bands, Pantera and Damageplan, when a fan with mental health issues shot him during a show. Eventually, the band's lineup include bassist Rex Brown and lead singer Phil Anselmo. By , their album, Far Beyond Driven, was number one on the Billboard Pantera sold millions, but the band broke up by the early s. Abbott and Vinnie Paul formed a new band called Damageplan, which was on tour when it played a gig at a club in Columbus, Ohio on December 8, The band had just started their set when a man fired three shots to Abbott's head, according to the book, and continued to fire injuring seven people.

A police officer arrived soon after and fatally shot the man, who was later identified as Nathan Gale, a former US Marine. The police investigation 'determined that the thirty-five-year-old Gale was a schizophrenic who believed members of Pantera were stealing his thoughts,' according to the book. Before he founded Rodale Press in Pennsylvania in the s, he was an accountant in New York City, where he was born and raised.

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Jerome Irving Rodale remains a controversial figure for his health claims and other views, but the publisher of books and the magazine Prevention had an effect on today's organic movement. Cavett and Rodale bantered about manure and organic farming. The segment was a success and Cavett moved on to his next guest, journalist Pete Hamill.

While the two discussed a municipal worker strike and protest, Rodale snored, according to the book. Both Cavett and Hamill were alarmed. The host asked if there was a doctor in the studio, and as four tried to administer CPR on Rodale, an ambulance was called. He died due to a heart attack. Burt Kearns, one of the authors of The Show Won't Go On, said that Rodale's demise 'on the Dick Cavett show is one of the most legendary onstage deaths in modern pop culture history. The secret about it is that it never aired.

Dick Cavett says that people come up to him couple times a year… and say I'll never forget seeing that guy die on the show. The episode has been under wraps and locked away, but Kearns and co-author Jeff Abraham were allowed to view it and transcribe what happened. While doing research for their book, The Show Won't Go On, one of the authors, Burt Kearns said that it depended whether or not a performance would continue. Many times, if it was a comedian, a member of a band or an actor in a play, the show would stop.

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The Books of Earthsea , by Ursula K. Magician , by Raymond E. Feist There are few tropes I love more than when two close friends find themselves on opposite sides of a world-spanning conflict. The first volume of Raymond E. The Broken Earth trilogy , by N. Rowling had made a secret pact with the Parisian alchemist in order to produce such golden work seven times in a row!

Of course, Dr. Jon Dee does know about this book and does know where it lies and knows exactly what he wants to do with it once he steals it: destroy the world. This series of magical tomes follows Septimus Heap, the seventh son of a seventh son.

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If you loved Harry Potter then this is going to be a series of books that are just as magical and a little more light-hearted but are still worthy of your time. On the same night that his seventh son dies, Silas Heap discovers a baby girl with violet eyes who has been abandoned in the snow. What follows is an absolutely spellbinding tale written perhaps in a way that only the fairy people who hail from that small island in the sea can.

The second book in the Septimus Heap series finds our young hero embracing his wizarding abilities and learning the magical arts of Conjuring, Charms, and other sundries from the renowned sorceress Marcia Overstrand. Harry Potter will probably always be one of your most favorite wizards, but I think Septimus will eventually prove to be one of your closest magical confidants.

Silas Heap mistakenly unseals an ancient room in the palace and awakens the wraith of Queen Etheldredda. The malfeasant Queen has made the most of death and divined a diabolical scheme to achieve everlasting life. Septimus and his abilities will be tested as the Queen sets her deviant son, the powerful alchemist Marcellus Pye to do her evil bidding. When a stressed out doctor student, Nora Fischer goes to a wedding she inadvertently walks through a portal to another universe which is thrumming with magic and magical gatherings.

Magician Prince (The Magician Rebellion Book 3)
Magician Prince (The Magician Rebellion Book 3)
Magician Prince (The Magician Rebellion Book 3)
Magician Prince (The Magician Rebellion Book 3)
Magician Prince (The Magician Rebellion Book 3)

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