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At their core, personas are about creating products with a specific, not generic, user in mind.

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The usefulness of personas in defining and designing digital products has become more widely accepted in the last few years. Personas are archetypical users whose goals and characteristics represent the needs of a larger group of users. Usually, a persona is presented in a one or two-page document like the one you can see in the example below. Such 1—2-page descriptions include behavior patterns, goals, skills, attitudes, and background information, as well as the environment in which a persona operates.

Designers usually add a few fictional personal details in a description to make the persona a realistic character e. Deep understanding of a target audience is fundamental to creating exceptional products. Here are some of the benefits of using personas in UX design process :. Empathy is a core value if designers want to make something that is good for the people who are going to use it. Personas help designers to create understanding and empathy with the end users.

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Thanks to personas designers can:. A deep understanding of user behavior and needs makes it possible to define who a product is being created for and what is necessary or unnecessary for them from a user-centered point of view. This allows product teams to prioritize feature requests for example, features can be prioritized based on how well they address the needs of a primary persona.

Both the needs of the business and users should be balanced to create a harmonious solution. Most designers work in multidisciplinary teams which have team members with varying expertise, experience, and points of view. All team members should be on the same page in terms of design decisions. Personas encapsulate the most critical information about users in a way that all team members and stakeholders can understand and relate to.

The research that goes into forming personas usually happens early in the design process. In the Design Thinking process, designers often start creating personas during the second phase, the Define phase. Like most design elements, personas can be developed iteratively.

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Personas will be used during all later phases of a design process to informing design decisions made by the team. The most accurate personas are based on actual field research — they are distilled from in-depth user interviews and observation data of real users.

The more a researcher observes and captures during these interviews, the more realistic the persona will be. These archetypes are described in detail: personality traits, qualities, flaws, background, occupations, and how they interact with other personalities.

The archetypes in Persona consist of 16 male and 16 female personalities, each group broken down into heroes, heroines, villains and villainesses. When the Action Figure loses his moral compass, he turns into the Brute, ruthless and argumentative, easily despised. The Companion, when depraved, becomes the Opportunist, betraying trust and taking advantage of others.

Step 1: Qualitative Research

Both the Mac and Windows version is designed to keep you focused on the task of developing your character. You can create Smart Groups based on attributes like tags, type, sex, or any word or phrase from your notes. Download macOS user guide. Download Windows user guide. Tell us about yourself : I've never heard of Mariner but I want to try this app I have your products but want to try something new I just need to download what I already own.

Let AI define your marketing personas, identify what content they love, and which influencers they trust. Stop wasting time on manual audience research, get all the key insights instantly.

Connect your web and social media data to the Socialbakers platform, our AI will do the analysis for you. Bring your audience analysis together. Connect all your web and social media data sources to the platform to access multi-channel intelligence. Let AI create accurate and always up-to-date marketing personas.

With the Socialbakers platform, your audience research is quick and easy. From organic to paid campaigns, all your audience analysis is instant. End the guesswork when defining your strategy. Have your marketing personas mapped instantly to drive relevant, engaging, and converting campaigns. Instead of building your strategy on assumptions and guesswork, let AI map your marketing personas in seconds to understand what their interests actually are.

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Understand the exact page affinities, behaviors, demographics and influencers of your audience. It now takes only seconds to gather all the most crucial insights. Complex strategy decisions are now much simpler. With AI recommendations on what content, when, and where to post, your marketing campaigns will be easy to launch. Always have the information you need to start the right partnerships and select the right activation channels.

Access a complete picture of your audience's affinities instantly. Auto-set your targeting based on exact persona preferences.

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Reaching the right people on social media has never been so simple. Save time and let the Socialbakers platform set precise targetting parameters for all your marketing personas. Instead of guessing how much you need to spend to reach your audience, rely on robust industry and regional benchmarks to estimate your budget. Boosting content output and engagement is now easier than ever.

With a unified view of all content, pinpoint exactly what your audiences love to focus your strategy. Allow everyone in your team to collaborate and share ideas in one place. Let AI recommend content for your audiences. Knowing exactly what your personas like will let you focus your time and money where it counts.

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