Pure Humility: Lessons in Humility

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Humility in the Divine Life

Mishra's Factory , Mutavault , Nantuko Monastery and other man-lands. Any time a spell or ability turns a non-creature permanent into a creature, the card is going to need to set a power and toughness for that card. Timestamps were just discussed and this is really the exact same thing.

In this instance, Nantuko Monastery produces a new timestamp in both Layers 6 and 7b, which are the two that Humility effect. Bottom Line — Mishra's Factory , Mutavault , Phyrexian Totem , Treetop Village , etc are all going to have the power and toughness granted to them by the ability that made it that, plus any abilities granted by the effect that makes it a creature.

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Painter's Servant and Magus of the Moon. Whenever state based effects check Whenever a player would get priority all of these layers get checked as well, and unlike the stack, effects apply in order. Humility is unable to affect anything that happens prior to Layer 6. This is so that cards like Dryad Arbor are still green, and have all of their types. Both Magus of the Moon and Painter's Servant create effects that apply before Humility in these layers so these cards effectively still "work" under Humility.

So, if Magus of the Moon is in play, all non-basic lands will be Mountain s and if Painter's Servant is in play, all cards in all zones will be the chosen color. It isn't repeatedly checked with their abilities removed. Unlike cards with triggered abilities that trigger when they enter the battlefield, cards with this sort of text work so that they can produce an effect as a replacement effect to entering the battlefield.

This happens on Painter's Servant , Meddling Mage and many other creatures and is important so that something like Arcbound Worker can have power and toughness when it is on the battlefield so it doesn't die to state based effects.

Humility - Wikiquote

Because this is not a static, triggered or activated ability, Humility does not touch it. The creature isn't even on the battlefield when this effect is happening. Show and Tell , Eureka , Hypergenesis and Humility. One of the more complicated interactions with Humility has to do with the recent popularity of cards like these.

The question always comes up regarding something like Terrastadon or Angel of Despair 's ability to destroy Humility when both enter the battlefield from this kind of effect, but the example can be relevant for more than just triggered abilities that destroy a permanent.

The best way to break this down is by card:. Show and Tell does something quite uncommon in Magic, which is put permanents into play simultaneously. Regardless of who the active player is, both cards will be on the table at the same time. Via timestamp rules, the active player is allowed to choose the order of timestamps when cards enter simultaneously, however there will never be an instance in which Angel of Despair or any other such creature is on the battlefield without Humility , so if both cards enter off Show and Tell , not only can Humility not be destroyed, by Angel of Despair will have no ability to destroy anything.

Eureka and Hypergenesis however both work a bit differently, as they allow players to take turns putting cards onto the battlefield. This means that there is a window for a permanent to exist on the table without Humility in play, even if it is the second card that enters the battlefield from this effect. So, if Angel of Despair is put in by the active player and the ability triggers.

Non-active player puts Humility into play, there has been a period of time where Angel of Despair exists without Humility , although no future creatures that come into play off this spell will have abilities trigger, Angel of Despair 's ability will trigger and can even target Humility.

This works because while the ability has triggered, it cannot be put on the stack until a player can receive priority, which cannot happen until either Hypergenesis or Eureka has finished resolving. Bottom Line — You can kill Humility with a creature if the creature enters the battlefield before Humility off of Eureka or Hypergenesis , but not Show and Tell. Opalescence and Humility. This is undoubtedly the standby favorite to try to frustrate an authority figure that is talking about rules in Magic.

However, this all has to do with timestamps and can actually be very simple. We'll look at each example in Timestamp order.

What Is Humility?

Opalescence then Opalescence , then Humility — Here, Opalescence one will turn Humility and the other Opalescence into creatures, Opalescence two will do the same for the remaining opalescence. Humility then Opalescence then Opalescence — This ends up being the most beneficial result for the interaction, where Humility will remove all abilities from all creatures, but all the enchantments will be at full power and toughness due to the fact that both Opalescence s have the most recent timestamps.

When Replenish is added into this mix, it shouldn't complicate things too much, because as we touched upon earlier, when multiple permanents enter the battlefield at the same time, the active player is able to choose the timestamp order that he likes the most. Hint, Humility first.

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I wanted to write a lot more about my experiences with this new control deck, but I really want to explore a few more directions before I settle on anything. I was working under the assumption that Thopter Foundry and Sword of the Meek was the more efficient win possible for a control deck, but assembling is really a lot more difficult than I want it to be and both of the cards are awful on their own. Additionally, the combo doesn't really use two cards the way it looks on paper, as you need to use a suite of other artifacts to enable the combo in case Sword is in the graveyard and Thopter Foundry is the only artifact in play.

The more standard Counter-Top Thopter decks haven't been doing well and I think it's the reasons that I've been talking about for a couple of months now. Concerning Peacekeeper , I wasn't able to get the real testing in with the card that I had wanted to. Every time I'm looking to test against something, it seems nearly impossible to play against it.

All Divine Mercy Reflections

I'm still pretty sold on the strength of the card, however and am really looking forward to seeing what it can do. Anyway, at the time I'm closing this I need to review with some friends over what the plan is for the pre-release, in the morning. Next week I'll probably talk a bit about my impressions on the set, but seeing as how there is very little for Legacy, it won't be a primary focus. However, I am quite excited to see how this new Elspeth pans out. Until then, I hope that your release weekend is a blast.

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    Vanguard CardFight!! Introduction Humility is not only one of my favorite cards at the cost, but also one of my favorite cards of all time. It can be incredibly humbling to spend time with people who are grateful for your help, and it can make you be more gracious and less likely to feel entitled. This can make you live a life filled with humility.

    Focus on being grateful for what you have and enjoying your life on its own terms instead of thinking you need to have what your best friend or co-worker has to truly be happy. You can admire other people and feel inspired to be better because of them. But if you covet what they have, you are likely to fall into feelings of bitterness that will keep you from enjoying your life. Humble people only say nice things about people behind their backs.

    Be teachable. Let people see that you think they have a lot to offer you, and avoid acting stubborn or like you know everything. If that person has pure intentions, then you should make an effort to hear him out. Practice anonymous kindness. If you want to practice humility, then not all of your kind deeds have to go noticed. Donate money to charity without telling a soul about it, or donate your old clothes without saying a thing. Help crowdfund a worthy project. Take the time to do something nice without wanting anything in return, and you will be on your way to practicing humility every day.

    You can even write about the experience in a journal if you feel like telling someone. Remember that so many people have it so much worse than you, and that complaining about every little thing that happened to you instead of focusing on the positive will keep you from practicing humility. People are drawn to appreciative, positive people.

    Whenever you catch yourself complaining about something, try to counter that comment with two positive comments. Spend more time in nature. Nature can remind you that there are things bigger than ourselves and our problems out there, and that we should be in awe of the world instead of obsessing over all of our little problems or thwarted ambitions.

    Making a habit of being in nature more often can lead you to practice humility more.

    Spend more time around children. Children have a natural sense of wonder and almost never cease to be in awe of the universe. If you want to practice humility more often, then you should make a habit of spending more time with children. Making a habit of spending more time with kids, whether you spend more time with your own, volunteer with children, or help a friend out by babysitting, can help you practice humility regularly.

    You may think that you have a lot to teach children and will feel humbled when you see that they have a lot to teach you, too. Listen to their perspective about the world and see how it can help you become a more humble, grateful person. Being around children will help you rejuvenate your sense of wonder.

    Pure Humility: Lessons in Humility Pure Humility: Lessons in Humility
    Pure Humility: Lessons in Humility Pure Humility: Lessons in Humility
    Pure Humility: Lessons in Humility Pure Humility: Lessons in Humility
    Pure Humility: Lessons in Humility Pure Humility: Lessons in Humility
    Pure Humility: Lessons in Humility Pure Humility: Lessons in Humility
    Pure Humility: Lessons in Humility Pure Humility: Lessons in Humility
    Pure Humility: Lessons in Humility Pure Humility: Lessons in Humility
    Pure Humility: Lessons in Humility Pure Humility: Lessons in Humility

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