Satreih: The Making of a Legend

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It is just an imagination to describe that a woman in love can go up to any extent.

I go to the beauty, To perform my duty, And offer to share, The love and care, Of umbrella I had, She made me glad, By accepting my offer, Did not call me a loafer, While sharing my umbrella, Asked she, my Cinderella, Do you have any rag? I see your bag, I want to conceal, The device of steal, My body is exposed, No eyes are closed. She was woman of east! The children were rescued, At that moment that mere chit of a girl, Appeared to me a grown up mother!

On that day I realized, A woman is a beautiful born loving mother! The heat is increasing every new day, What if the circuit breaker is broken? The high voltage of words spoken, Closing near is destruction day by day! A war of water has started peeping, That may evaporate the water we have, That may ruin the shed and shelter we have, On the wall I see a poison creeping. I find myself helpless and constrained to think, I have no alternate but to close my eyes, And wait for the fate wrote on the skies, I can only use my pen and ink.

Let me hide myself in a land of dreams, Where there are friends who think like me, A world in that they ink like me, A valley that is green with lovely streams. A world within a world may help somewhat, A circle of lovers of poetry and arts, A group of charming lovely sweethearts, Healing the wounds with the magic of art! Forgetting the fears of a doubtful tomorrow, Let us share our works with a lovely smile, From Paramount to Alps and Ganges to Nile, Let us heal the wounds, wipe tears of sorrow.

Paseenwa se bheeji hay choli hamar, Nikle na pawat hay boli hamar, Neek naheen lagat hay holi tumhar, Kothri ke andar rangoli tumhar. Lagan naheen khulihey na lao barat, Choro sanwaria ji choro yeh hat. Aysee load shedding me yeh prem leela, Awal burhapa na badlal rangeela, Samjhat hay apne ko banka sajeela, Bheej bheej murli ka rang bhaya neela. Bhar mein jaey yeh sawan ki rat, Choro sanwaria ji choro yeh hat. Gas nahin awat na pakihey pakwan, Hartal hay bajaria mein sunein shreeman, Hathon se sattu nikal karein pan, Pani nahin awat na hoihey ashnan.

Aaye bijuria to hoihey mulakat, Choro sanwaria ji choro yeh hat. Dhoop mein apni zulfon ka saya karo, Muskura kar kabhi to bulaya karo, Kabhi chup chup ke raton mein aya karo, Gungunaya karo hosh uraya karo. Bun ke badal kabhi mujhpe barso zara, Jhank kar meri aankhon mein dekho zara, Ek shab umr ko de do dhoka zara, Mujhko chaho zara mujhko socho zara. Tum hatheli pe mehndi rachaya karo, Apne honton pe lali lagaya karo, Choorion ki khanak bhi sunaya karo, Peyar ke geet chupke se gaya karo. Tum gulab ho agar to mehak jao na, Tum sharab ho agar to chalak jao na, Tum shabab ho agar to behak jao na, Aag ban kar kisi din dehak jao na.

Aaj ki raat ka unuwan Khamoshi hi rahe, Aj ki raat na baton mein ganwao sathi, Ankhon ankhon mein bhi ho jati hain baten kitni, Apni nazren meri janib to uthao sathi. Aaj ki raat ka unuwan Khamoshi hi rahe, Mujhko peeney do chalakti huyee aankhon se zara, Yun hi chupchap mere pehloo min shab bhar baitho, Khelne do mujhe mehki huyee zulfon se zara. Aaj ki raat ka unuwan Khamoshi hi rahe, Kanpte hathon ko de bhi do mere hathon mein, Aaj to barhte huye hath na pakro mere, Sharm aati hay to chup jao meri bahon mein.

Aaj ki raat ka unuwan Khamoshi hi rahe, Apni rangeen mulaqat adhoori na rahe, Ab to ruswai ka dar hay na gunah ki uljhan, Roohain jab mil chukeen jismon mei bhi doori na rahe. Aaj ki raat ka unuwan Khamoshi hi rahe, Hijr ke shikwe zaroori sahi kar len ge kabhi, Sath rehne ki yeh qasmein to bahut hain khai, Dawe kitne hain kiye aur bhi kar len ge kabhi. Aaj ki raat ka unuwan Khamoshi hi rahe, Zindagi itni musarrat se na gae gi kabhi, Sans rukta haiy magar waqt nahin rukta hay, Aaj ki rat na phir laut ke aaey gi kabhi.

Aaj ki raat ka unuwan Khamoshi hi rahe, Ajnabi mujhse meri dost kisi taur nahin tum, Aaj keyon mujhse jhijhakti ho barho meri taraf, Meri dulhan ho meri jan koi aur nahin tum.

Sargoshian karoon ga sitaron se rat bhar, Thandi hawa ko geet sunane chala hoon main. Aakash per uroon ga main badal ke sath sath, Chanda se chandni ko churane chala hoon main. Juhi ke har shabbo ki khshboo liye huey, Is rat ko aroos banane chala hoon main. Woh door aasman pe jo pardon mein hay chupi, Usko zameen ki goud mein lane chala hoon main. Kal rat mere sath thi soyee na sari rat, Phir rat aa gayee hay jagane chala hoon main. Uske hassen jism ki ranaian na pooch, Tan man mein phir ek aag lagane chala hoon main.

Gustakhion pe meri woh naraz ho gayee, Aashiq hoon main bhi usko manane chala hoon main.

Satreih: The Making of a Legend

Woh subh ke bad jane kahan ja ke so gai, Dekhi jo ek jhalak to jagane chala hoon main. Dosheezgiye laila ke israr ki quasam, Fitrat ko belibas banane chala hoon main.

Enjoy good thoughts, like beauty of brides, They are friends of all, and good guides. Prove All things, hold fast that, which is good, Holy Bible told me, I understood, I was taught since my childhood, Spread the truth, don't keep in a hood. Golden principles, great men share, God made laws for our welfare, Same in Holy Koran, many unaware, I respect all, read and care.

Kandhon pe rakh ke sar zara gao na phir kabhi, Shayer ka ek khawab sunao na phir kabhi. Jao to ayse jao ke jana tumhein khale, Aao to ayse aao ke jao na phir kabhi. Kitni haseen sham thi jab tum mujhe mile, Aysi hi ek sham mein aao na phir kabhi. Sargoshian karo ke ke koi aur keyun sune, Honton se bat kar ke sunao na phir kabhi.

Go Behind the Scenes of The Legend of Tarzan (2016)

Alfaz keya sametein ge batein hayn peyar ki, Aankhon se batein kar ke sunao na phir kabhi. Shikwah hay tomko peyar na aaya kabhi mujhe, Aata hay kayse peyar sikhao na phir kabhi. Chingari jiski rakh ke ander dabi rahe, Aysi bhi ek aag lagao na phir kabhi. Apnon mei fasle koi baqi rahein to keyun, Yeh ghairiyat ke jhagde mitao na phir kabhi.

Bikhreen agar to bikhrein gi ranaiyan bhi sath, In gesuon ki khushboo sunghao na phir kabhi. Kayse kata hay din main bataoon tumhein zara, Kitni jawan rat hay aao na phir kabhi. Gar zehn se socha hota, Main tujhko bhula deta, Mere dil ne tujhko socha, Ab bhool na paoon ga. Hathoon se jo chooya hota, Main tujhko bhula deta, Mere dil ne tujhko chooya, Ab bhool na paoon ga. Honton se jo chooma hota, Main tujhko bhula deta, Mere dil ne tujhko chooma, Ab bhool na paoon ga.

Kanon se suna hota, Main tujhko bhula deta, Mere dil hay tujhko sunta, Ab bhool na paoon ga. Gar tu na mila hota, Main tujhko bhula deta, Maine pakar tujhko khoya, Ab bhool na paoon ga.

Teri khushboo jo maine soonghi, Mere dil se rooh mein utri, Meri nazmon mein bikhri bikhri, Ab kaise bhula doon tujhko, Aa hath mila loon tujhse, Ab hath na choroon ga! A painful death for your baby in the womb, The womb is a temple of worship and love, And you make it a slaughter house! All the four ways a baby is destroyed, All inhuman and cruel on your part, Show your sadistic instincts, Establish the fact we are still the beasts. The baby pulled out by a vacuum machine, Turned in tossing pieces like tail of lizard, Cut in cubes of flush by merciless knives, By a cruel doctor, a butcher in fact!

Getting baby out by a surgery, Dissolving it by injecting a solution of salt, All are cruel and inhuman and a source of pain, For a symbol of love murdered brutally. If you can. When the beauty reunites, A fire she ignites, Love smiles like a virgin bride, And me a full moon tide!

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Life is pretty and beauty when smile, Life is anxiety and a prison when cry, So I smile, won't you? I don't cry, and you? Life is inspiring when I think of you, Life is boring when my thoughts lack you, So I think of you, why don't you, I catch your arms when you try to go. Why you want to go? Where you want to go? Sometimes sick like an ailing old lady, Sometimes sleeping, silent like a body, Sometimes asking to kiss, a parting kiss, Your kiss is bliss, but the parting kiss!

Be dynamic, I shall not let you go, Arise my love life calls you, Start day dreaming, It's my practice every day, Think you're a girl, Of sweet sixteen, Or seventeen, You've to sing and dance, And enjoy the romance, Ask me to bring a rose, Pink in color and fragrance, That provokes, Appetite of love! Come on my girl, Getup my girl, Love calls you, Forget who you are, www. Imagine the beauty of meeting someone, Behind the trees, In a moon lit night, And a starry sky, Blows of wind in summer mild rains, Shall remove the stress, Shall remove the strains, Shall remove the fears, Shall wipe out the tears, You'll find yourself, Carefree and confident, Unconcerned with the fate, Willing and prepared, Like Adam and Eve, To the call of nature, That is love only love.

And if you go out of my sight, My dear Eve, you'll not be alone, Adam will find you out, Wherever you are thrown! As advised by my dear friend Asadullah I have edited this poem. I regret the hurt that caused to him and to others too Akhtar Jawad www.

Should I call it cruelty? It's not enough, Then what I should call it? I don't know! What happened in a school at Peshawar? Dear God do you know it? If you know it, Please tell me what should I call it? My dear poet friends please help me, Give me a word to describe it. Afshan Ahmad, A teacher of Army Public School, Peshawar, Where children of civilians also read, She came between the terrorists, And the children, Boldly and bravely she said, I can't see blood of my children, Terrorists spread petrol on her, And turned her alive in coal and ashes, While burning she was advising her children, A sincere teacher was teaching even in fire, See her duty, See her beauty, As a teacher and as a mother as well, She added a romantic page, To the tale of Eve, The terrorists had not come to kill Afshan, But she was there to do the best she could do, Yes as a teacher, Yes as a mother, She was asking the children to Run away, run away, You heartless terrorists, This is the way, That leads to paradise, And the way you are moving on, www.

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Death warrants of those, Who have been sentenced to death, Are pending for an advice, From chief of executive, To the head of state. Dear God if you know a place, Dear poet friends if you know it, Please let me know too! How and where we may run away.

But the fact remains that Pakistanis are still paying the libel, of Afghan War by becoming a victim, of Heroin and Kalashinkov culture! Man is not he, who never commits a sin, Man is he, who avenges his sins, Avenge your sin, Or otherwise be prepared for the day, The day on which, Love is modified in hate. All is well, That ends well. The clouds that rise like a growing teenager, And force the eyes to dive even deeper, On my bosom when feel soft touch of the twins, It's sweat once again from the past summer ruins, That forces the lovers to sing and dance, They run outside in the rains for romance, It's sweat of nature that washes all strains, Love in exposure of beauty is the rains, Lightning, thundering showers then expose, Exciting, pleasuring odors of the rose!

The leaves when fall and the trees are naked, The view of a tree is then truly rated, The palm when crawls on the stem of a plant, The hands enjoy nice nature's grand grant, The leaking moisture as sweat of the tree, Still it's enough abundant and free, The lover is blessed with porn of autumn, It's love that is written in its blank column, Let us love in the autumn like summer and rains, I love to have a few more stains.

I am looking for it where has gone your sweat, It has been converted in breathing out heat, It's too cold outside but your breathing warms, Let me hide my whole in your burning charms, How hot are your lips! I feel the beat, The twins have produced the needing heat, www. Come out sweet heart and listen to the bell, Extinguished is the fire of the old ugly hell, Dress like a rainbow, to the flowers let us fly, Butterfly, butterfly my sweet butterfly, We shall sing outside we shall dance outside, Spring has come as a beautiful bride, Expose yourself as the nature has exposed, Come out as a flower or a lyric composed, The wind is blowing with a message of love, Close all roads for the passage of love.

Satreih: The Making of a Legend Satreih: The Making of a Legend
Satreih: The Making of a Legend Satreih: The Making of a Legend
Satreih: The Making of a Legend Satreih: The Making of a Legend
Satreih: The Making of a Legend Satreih: The Making of a Legend
Satreih: The Making of a Legend Satreih: The Making of a Legend
Satreih: The Making of a Legend Satreih: The Making of a Legend
Satreih: The Making of a Legend Satreih: The Making of a Legend
Satreih: The Making of a Legend Satreih: The Making of a Legend

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