Stamp Collecting as a Pastime (TREDITION CLASSICS)

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Jun 27, Linda Webb rated it it was amazing. I found this very informative as a stamp collector. We enjoyed ourselves with stamps we accumulated over the years. I'm from Taiwan, I collect French Polynesian stamps only. I collect stamps not because of history, geography or an investment. My culture is connected to French Polynesian culture. It's an intimate relationship that I kept to myself.

An identity that rooted deeply upon me. Therefore, stamps is the best representation of my culture. Stamp collecting exist because of "supplies in demand". Some of you lost on Ebay bid because collectors like us are willing to pursue regardless.

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We search for stamps we desired. We have no interest what the public or media said about Stamp Collecting. They have no influence on us. Actually, it doesn't matter. Stamp collecting has always been part of global culture just like Freedom. People will always value "Freedom" regardless situations. People will always value "stamp" regardless situations. Bonjour Mesdames et messieurs. Que l'amour et la paix soient avec toi. There is little more I could add beyond my agreement that I collect things that amuse me and carry me to somewhere just south of dreamland.

When the mail arrives I often feel the thrill of childhood getting a new toy. When I open an album and browse through the pages and stamps that I've acquired over many years and at so many places I get the same feeling. While you may choose a course of solitary collecting, I on the other hand enjoy the cyber camaraderie I get corresponding and dealing with fellow SoR members.

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Here is an APS manual meeting from over 50 years ago , how many younger folks can you see? Of course attracting kids is a good thing but the truth is that our hobby losses many majority? Life gets in the way and the stamps get put into a closet until later in life.

How to Identify Types of Postage Stamp Repair

Due to this, I consider trying to attract kids to the hobby as a long term effort. It is a bit like planting a fruit tree, you are going to wait a while before it bears fruit. Lastly, it is inevitable that anytime you hear someone say the hobby is dying that they are ignoring the explosion of online activity and are relying upon metrics from the s or s. Metrics like the declining memberships in philatelic organizations or the closing of brick and mortar stamps stores.

But change does not equal death although obviously many folks struggle with accepting change. Our hobby has transitioned, people no longer have to rely upon brick and mortar stores to buy stamps and supplies. Collectors no longer have to join an organization to get philatelic information. And as Charlie mentions above, our hobby is often a solitary one. While many of us enough spreading out our stamps, albums, and catalogs across a table on a winters night, it can be difficult to drag around heavy albums for show and tell.

American Philatelic Society

So in many ways philately is very well suited for its transition to an online hobby. Being able to lookup and access information is far easier than trudging down to the library. There is less need to spend money on memberships and we can use this to buy more stamps and covers. Don 1 - Cancer 0" stampsmarter. Current APS membership levels are down from the peak and close to the levels 40 years ago. What is important to APS is their overhead has increased dramatically Match Factory, etc so memberships are not enough to sustain the expenses.

It is not uncommon these days to call anything in decline a death spiral.

Login to Like this post "Stamp Collecting is a many splendored thing" FrequentFlyer 13 Sep am re: Death of the Hobby Awhile back I received a letter and brochure from Mystic Stamp Company expressing interest in buying my collection. Not quite read to sell yet, but there was an item in the brochure posted below that impressed me. It was the one claiming that Mystic has "stamp professionals" working for it. It is my impression that Mystic sells primarily to entry level stamp collectors.

Mystic must have a very high volume of sales to meet the payroll of employees and also be profitable. Seems to me that such a company would not be engaged in supplying the needs of a dead hobby.

See a Problem?

Dead never! Login to Like this post www. When I questioned their offer, the buyers told me, "People aren't buying stamps anymore, so we can't offer anything for stamps. Is this false advertising? I have since sold a few stamps from that collection, and have gotten more than Mystic's offer already. I am realistic and know that they can't pay a large percentage of catalog value, but they did not even look at the stamps. Their BS offer coincidentally just covered the postage that I paid to send the stamps to them. I guess they figure that people will accept such offers so as not to be out the money paid for postage.

I vehemently rejected their offer. I sent a letter of complaint to Sundman. I have not heard a word from him. I now refuse to do business with them, and I started buying from them in Does Sundman care? One of them was mystic. The crap they sent and the price they asked made ebay pirates look like santa claus.

Sometime back I asked, how do you spell free. My brother-in-law went through the same thing, when he tried to sell his collection, mind you they were mostly mint stamps, they laugh at him and don't even make him an offer.

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The hobby is more collector in effect part time dealers to collector than ever especially since it is not financially affordable for a traditional dealer to handle the ever increasing common material propped up by minimum catalog prices. The catalog prices do not reflect this shift in the stamp economy. One thing I learned early on was market value versus catalog value. Market value is the only true indicator. Catalog values are meaningless. Where so many dealers are missing the train is that the stamp market has evolved into a collector-based market.

Collectors are the major players now with buying and selling. The number of dealers continues to dwindle as dealers fail with an archaic business model. The few dealers who have incorporated the new market will continue. However, the bulk of collector-to-collector transactions will continue to grow. Here are some off the top of my head. Not all relate to all "archaic" dealers, but some do. Probably others can supplement the list. Many only provide one scan or none of an item that may contain a few albums and many pages usually not a good scan either.

One exception is a European based internet site that shows every page in a lot. Slow service, I just waited a month to even get an invoice. Here in Manitoba we have a number of dealers in Winnipeg, none outside, who do not have stores but work out of the home. One arranged the purchase for me of some stamps that I had to send back because they were Photo rather than the Litho I'd requested, they really ought to know the difference. Or am I just a grumpy old philatelist?

Login to Like this post 51Studebaker Dialysis, damned if you do Many stamp dealers were very late to the internet in denial? Many dealers spend as little money as they can probably because that do not believe in the internet and often only invest in the initial development. When this kind of website does not increase or impact their sales, they claim that online efforts are a waste of money. Dealers need to have a website that draws traffic, give collectors a reason to visit and visit often if you also want them to buy something. Dealer websites should make shopping online quick and easy.

This means developing a website that allows buyers to quickly find what they are looking for, makes check out easy, and makes buying as risk free as possible. To emulate the value of legacy brick and mortar dealers, dealers should develop an online help solution. This means having a real-time ability to assist a buyer i.

You have to offer a simple and easy return policy and automated procedures. Ideally, include a prepaid return shipping label with every purchase.

Stamp Collecting as a Pastime (TREDITION CLASSICS) Stamp Collecting as a Pastime (TREDITION CLASSICS)
Stamp Collecting as a Pastime (TREDITION CLASSICS) Stamp Collecting as a Pastime (TREDITION CLASSICS)
Stamp Collecting as a Pastime (TREDITION CLASSICS) Stamp Collecting as a Pastime (TREDITION CLASSICS)
Stamp Collecting as a Pastime (TREDITION CLASSICS) Stamp Collecting as a Pastime (TREDITION CLASSICS)
Stamp Collecting as a Pastime (TREDITION CLASSICS) Stamp Collecting as a Pastime (TREDITION CLASSICS)
Stamp Collecting as a Pastime (TREDITION CLASSICS) Stamp Collecting as a Pastime (TREDITION CLASSICS)
Stamp Collecting as a Pastime (TREDITION CLASSICS) Stamp Collecting as a Pastime (TREDITION CLASSICS)
Stamp Collecting as a Pastime (TREDITION CLASSICS) Stamp Collecting as a Pastime (TREDITION CLASSICS)

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