The Erin Samiloglu Horror Collection

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Dorothy had it all wrong! I still enjoy them, though! Two men find a wrecked plane with 4 million dollars aboard! Ten historians write about what might have happened. With footnotes! One Magazine new, free magazine. That, and I know several contributors and at least one editor! Taylor — One day on Mars revolution on Mars!

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Miami Horror x Erin Garcia

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Hairy Maclary

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Transreal Tapirs! Contacting the Shop FAQ, inc. The whole story is told by three different points of view--Lenny, Harlan, and Zooey. Each offers a distinct view of what is going on in the story. Zooey's life needs to be saved and Lenny is the only one to do it.

If you don't mind far-fetching stories, you'll enjoy this light-hearted adventure of three identifiable and relatable kids. If you can get past the storyline of becoming miniature, you will enjoy it and so will young readers. It's an easy read and the illustrations help the story go a long way! June 28, - Published on Amazon. In a clever riff on the Isaac Asimov classic, teen genius Lenny Cyrus figures out a way to miniaturize himself.

At fourteen, Lenny is a brilliant outcast. He has two friends, Harlan and Zooey. Secretly in love with Zooey since she rescued him from a bully in elementary school, he concocts s scheme to enter her body to find the way to her heart. With Harlan as his dubious accomplice, Lenny tours the internal workings of Zooey's body and ultimately learns that the heart he seeks is not the physical one. This is a fast paced, rollicking story filled with the drama, trauma and humor of middle school. For a better shopping experience, please upgrade now. Javascript is not enabled in your browser.

Enabling JavaScript in your browser will allow you to experience all the features of our site. Learn how to enable JavaScript on your browser. Kids' Club Eligible. NOOK Book. It seemed so logical at first.

Fourteen-year-old Lenny Cyrus had loved Zooey Andrews since third grade. All the boy genius needed to do to win her heart was shrink down to the size of an amoeba, ooze into a gelatin capsule, and have his friend Harlan slip it him! Told in three voices, this fantastical middle grade novel takes Lenny deep into Zooey's loud, splashing innards.

The question is, will Lenny and Zooey survive his crazy experiment in nanotechnology?

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He lives in Pennsylvania with his wife and children. Matt Smith drew his first Conan the Barbarian adventure when was eight years old. Visit his website at www. Read an Excerpt Prologue. Now I was going to die there. The world around me felt like it was shaking itself to pieces, the deafening thump and whoosh of blood roaring through the great vessels, spinning me around in a whirlpool, sucking away whatever remained of my equilibrium.

I knew that if I had thirty seconds to think about it, to analyze the data, I could figure this out. Not at all. Everything tightened, and I felt the elastic bands of cardiac muscle shaking like a runaway roller coaster. George R.

Lenny Cyrus, School Virus by Joe Schreiber

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The Erin Samiloglu Horror Collection The Erin Samiloglu Horror Collection
The Erin Samiloglu Horror Collection The Erin Samiloglu Horror Collection
The Erin Samiloglu Horror Collection The Erin Samiloglu Horror Collection
The Erin Samiloglu Horror Collection The Erin Samiloglu Horror Collection
The Erin Samiloglu Horror Collection The Erin Samiloglu Horror Collection

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